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Shake Your Money Maker

Taking a few simple steps today can reduce health care costs in the future – by almost $2,000 annually.
Wait, there’s a catch. To cash in, you’ll have to get off the couch. That’s because lowering health care costs is a matter of moving your body, according to researchers.
A new study of exercise and Medicare claims found that people who start exercising before or during their middle age years reduce annual health care spending, from $824 to $1,874, on average. Inactivity accounts for at least $117 billion in annual health care spending in the United States, an earlier study found.
“The findings highlight how significantly exercise might benefit people’s bank accounts and their bodies,” concluded the New York Times.
To get the biggest savings, you’ll want to take the necessary steps without delay. The sooner people in the study started exercising, the bigger their health care savings, the study found.
So let’s get moving.
Coach John, Fresh Fit
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